6 Reasons Why Powder Coating is Better than Painting

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1/17/20221 min read

In the world of manufacturing, there are two primary ways to finish your parts, spray painting or powder coating. While painting has worked reasonably well for many years, powder coating has become the fastest growing finishing technology in North America. Today it represents a large portion of all industrial finishing and there are excellent reasons for its increasing popularity.

Powder coating is applied as a free–flowing, dry powder. The coating is applied electrostatically and is cured under heat to allow it to flow and form a “skin”. There is a wide selection of color choices and finishes available in powder coating.

Six Reasons Why Powder Coating is Better than Painting

1. Durability: Parts that are powder coated can resist chipping and other damage due to the specific millage application vs. painting.

2. Flexibility: Another significant advantage for powder coating is its flexibility and ability to bend and yield without cracking or flaking. This flexibility works well for the transportation industry where the products are subject to vibration and twisting on the road.

3. Environmental: There are also environmental advantages to powder coating. Since there are no solvents or (VOCs) volatile organic compounds, there is no damage to the environment during application. Any waste from the process is also not hazardous and can be safely disposed of in a landfill.

4. Application: Powder coating only requires a single coat so it is fast, efficient, and easy. In addition to its ease of application, it allows for custom textured and colored finishes as the powders involved can be nicely manipulated. Furthermore, powder coating objects result in a remarkably even finish as the powder melts and sets across the entire object at once, leaving no application traces or drips.

5. Production: Powder coated products come out of the oven after the manufacturer's specific cure time. We recommend a 24-hour wait time before installing a project!

6. Color & Finish: The biggest benefit of using powder coating, it allows you to customize your color and finish. The powder created by the manufacturer has the incredible potential of mixing with any color. In a similar fashion, you can select from a range of versatile premium finishing, which suits your product.

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